Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Change?

Remained silent at the blog for some time now.
Not because there's nothing to write about.
But some things, I prefer to keep things to myself from now on.
Once a long time ago, I treated my blog as a diary.
Putting my smiles, cries, sorrows, pain in it....
I feel better venting out. I really do. Until to an extend, it didn't work anymore.
People read. Some judge, some don't. Some just don't give a damn, some just wanted to watch the drama.

One year ago. One year after. It's so unpredictable.
I've learnt to not push myself so hard anymore. And I never wanna go back anymore.
Right now, new environment, new surroundings.
Still shaky about my current decision. But I know I can only move on and not regret.
I chose this path. No excuses.
Keep walking on and I believe I'll reach what I yearn for some day.

Unwanted things always happen. ALWAYS.
But there's always a reason for everything.
Not voicing out doesn't mean I don't care.
Intentions might be good. But you don't know how many people you are hurting behind.
I didn't ask for this. but what to do?
Face it. Solve it. And live with it. That's it.
Furious. But no one to blame.
Cus everything happens for a reason.

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