Sunday, 3 March 2013


CNY mode has died down. Went through 2nd week of my final semester.
Working on my FYP as usual. Just want to finish it well. 
Things were awesome in the beginning. 
Celebrated birthdays, reunion dinners, outings... 

But, things never always go well as I wanted. 
Emotions had the best and worst rollercoaster ride just in a week's time. 
How ironic that could be.
No complaints. I chose to be that way and that is what I need to bear with. 
I over-estimated my ability to deal with this.
Loss the secure feeling in love. I think I will never want to play this game again.
I can be too destructive and unmendable at the same time.

Doing what I am capable of and hoping for what I am incapable of. 
There's a quote saying, 'Best things come to the people who wait.'
But no. Deep down I wish that would happen but clearly in my head I know it won't.
Thus, the painful doubts I have to go through each day. 

No putting blames on anyone, anything.
Fate fools once in a while. Not funny, really. 
And, don't judge if you're not looking from my point of view.
So I'll just let it be, cuz I'm still undecided on what I should hang on to.
Time will tell, as usual. 

signing off. wishing for a better week to look forward to. 

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