Sunday, 17 February 2013

Welcoming the Snake Year

Did nothing but eat. drink. sleep. gamble. eat again. catching up with friends.
All in one week. Totally insufficient max. Okay maybe I'm greedy cus I get to enjoy a full 15-day CNY last year. Different this year. I want more!! :(

Oh wells. Just some photo spam in this post. 

With beloved grandma on Chor 1.
Love CNY cuz it's the only time adults will allow me to take photos of them without complaining. 
hehehe. well I just love collecting family photos. don't ask me why C:

Grandchildren with grandma on Chor 1. 

All 9 of us cousins on Chor 2. super candid shot.
Steamboat is the tradition for us on Chor 2 heheh
I still remembered we just needed one table to fit all of us last time.
Now we made it 2. and still so crowded. 
Don't wanna grow up so badly. ooops...

And crazy selca with crazy sister. 
Seriously don't know where we inherited these genes from. haha
Parents showed no signs of these characteristics. :D

super 'lala' pose. 
once in a while ok lar. but not okay if doing that everytime.

And main reasons of CNY.
Catching up with friends! :D
Will update in future posts on the meet ups this CNY.
If I have the mood. Lol

Emo max when thinking of driving back to KL tomorrow.
Final semester! It sucks.
Okay no complaining.
Just hoping the traffic tomorrow won't be disastrous.
Fingers crossed.
Til then. xoxo

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