Thursday, 17 January 2013

One week late

Blogging to release some minor stress? haha 
It's lab, lab and labbbbb again. Now I know why scientists go mad. 
nolar just joking.
ain't that bad.

Anyways, short update on a day out with my housemates
Which was so last week. I know I'm late.
Random one. 

Went in 2 cars to Paradigm Mall.
Planned to shop at different shops but ended up buying stuff at the usual shops available at my area.
At least we enjoyed? 

I admit this is a vain post. heh
Random shots in the car while waiting. 

Meet my lovely housemate, Chloe.
She's a sweet girl ^^

Life's too short. So smile when we have teeth.

A long day ahead tomorrow.
Must be tough.
Everything will be fine. 

Oh my dear thesis I can't wait for the day I pass you up.
Torture much. I'm not a patient girl. That's why.
Research needs patience.
pheww I'm learning okehh...

Okay seriously this is a rubbish post.



CHAO YU said...

what happened to your brows?

Vivian said...

I did fake brows. hahahaha