Saturday, 12 January 2013

And another semester gone

Yes. In a blink of an eye, another semester down. This leaves me with my very last semester of my uni life. And this is no joke. I actually cannot believe it. I'm finally left with my final semester. 
Would it be a tough one? An eventful one? A rough one? Who knows? Just bring it on. 

This semester was just, let's just say, a semester to remember. I had went through the worst times throughout the years. Pain, tears, pleading, smiles, friendship, love, heartbreaks, disappointments, sadness... You name it, I encountered it. May it be regarding family, friends and relationship. It took quite a long time. Still taking all the time I need. I know I can. Someday I'll just smile and laugh it off like it was nothing. 

Full of challenges ahead, especially in dealing with my final year thesis. Everyone's worse nightmare and the best part in uni life too at the same time based on what seniors shared. It had been a good four years in university. From the naive first year being blur with every single things til now, being a final year student, time passed like no one's business and it's way too fast. We learned, we grew, we smiled and cried. 

And it just seemed so yesterday.

Quite a few events to remember still this semester. 

One would be my seniors' convocation. Seeing them wearing their graduation robes proudly on their big day, I feel so happy for them, especially my dear buddies. They have been taking good care of me since I enter uni life, and seriously I wasn't quite used to it being on my own at the beginning of the semester as there's no one there to turn to already like always. I am so thankful and happy to have all of you as my buddies and I mean it for real. 

Huan Ching. Me. Hui Hui

With my buddy. Miss her loads
And is my role model. Learnt a lot from her.
Really thankful to know you my dear :)

Xiao Ling. Another buddy of mine.
Takes super good care of me too.
Yeah I know I'm spoilt. heheh

With the girls. Friendship grew.
One of the best part in uni is knowing all of you girls. C=

Darlings in Malacca. Had a good time with them although it was just 2 days.
Cures of pains they are. 

Big thank you to a friend for always being there. I know I'll get you into trouble if I did paste your face here so I did not. See? I'm so good. ahhaha But seriously, I wouldn't have strived through without you. Thank you for your shoulder to cry on. It had been really really helpful and I know saying thank you to you will get myself scolded. teehee... All the crazy things and stuff we did, helped me feel better. You saw my worse moments ever. And it really was an indescribable that how I earned such a good friend through these pains. 
Everything happens in a miraculous way isn't it? C:
Thanks friend! Owe you a bunch. 

And did part time jobs this semester. Money is everything! ahhaa
no lar money isn't everything, but without money you can do nothing :p
Just a few jobs done with friends.
Let me syok sendiri put one full picture here lar heheh

Random hang outs with the girls. 
They always have a way to cheer me up, isn't it? Huicy Chua?? ahhaha

And I love gatherings still. Although things have changed, but I would do anything for a warm gathering with friends. Cheers to uni friends, all of you played a big role in colouring my uni life :)

The usual must-go event of the year.
Pesta Tanglung Drama.
or whatever they name it lar. :D

There are still many bits and pieces throughout the semester.
But I'll just end this one here.

One more semester left.
Now this is scary. 
I'm starting to miss uni already. crazy much. ahhaha

Tells myself, it's either now or never.
So why waste time on the wrong things when you can spend it in a better way on things that matter.
Work hard. and make the last semester worthwhile
aza aza fighting! C:


huicy said...

AZA AZA fighting!!

meising~sylvene said...

jia you, jia you.. jz enjoy the life..

meising~sylvene said...

jia you, jia you.. jz enjoy the life..