Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Brand New Year

Old school title. Not being creative lately. :D
2013. A year to look ahead.
Leaving all the heart-breaking dramas behind.
This new year's wish: 
I want to be a better me and spare me from any pain anymore.

These 4 months, didn't know how I really went through. 
But was lucky to have so many friends with me going through all the tears and pain.
Couldn't ask for more. Love all of you. You all know who you are. 

And yes for you, ily. But they were right.
You are no good for me. No where near.
And thanks to you, I've lost trust in guys. For the time being.

So some happy pictures to start a new year.
I'll mend all the broken pieces.
A promise to myself in 2013. 

J. Rarely get to see her anymore now that's she's working in Aussie.
But at least we're just a call or a text away. Her words accompanied me through darkest moments when nobody else could talk sense into me. Thank you dear. I'll remember our promise. Better us when we meet again in August. 

Ten years and still growing. Love you girls more than I can say.

S. Another pain antidote of mine. Never being able to frown or pull a sad face when she's around. 
No more tears. I promise. I know you would murder if it was legalised. But just forget about it kay? ehhe I will recover. Promise. And I'll see you soon again in Penang! :)

Primary school mates since young. hehhe
Yes you can stop your creative elaboration. It did not happen okay.
But it's really fun talking to you. Never able to stop a moment to emo when talking to him. :P
Really felt better although we just had a short chat. All the best in your working life soon!

H. You too dear. Owe you big time. Always there to make me smile and do crazy stuff.
Yes I'm a lucky girl :p 

R. Thank you dear for being patient listening to all my tantrums.
Of course even if I don't speak, you still know what I'm going through as usual. 
Can't tell you how happy I am to be able to know you C:

High school mates. Seldom meet. But close as always. 

What more can I ask than having awesome friends by my side, may it be ups or downs.

2012 taught me how to appreciate and not take things for granted.
2012 taught me that people don't wait forever.
2012 taught me that people can change and you felt like you don't know them anymore.
2012 taught me that love can damage you so hard and 
you would do anything that you said you would never do before.

but in spite of everything...
2013 will be better. 
I know.
Cus it's in my hands whether I want to or not. 
I'm not gonna let my family down again.

Moving on isn't easy. But it's the wisest thing to do now.
Some day, I'll smile like I used to.



Serene said...

meet up more often with me and u will smile like a crazy girl d XD
love u !

Rachel~jiahui said...

It will be a better for sure. And we will always be there for you :)Jia you in 2013!

Sherlyn Lim said...

Wishing u to be happier this year~And i LOVE your Fringe so MUCH!!

Vivian said...

Thanks dears :*
All the same to you !!
A better year ahead.

huicy said...

oppss..just saw this!! 2013 will be a better year and I m lucky enough to meet u too^^